Thursday, May 16, 2013

Now is the Time for 9/11 Truth to Step in with a Specific Demand

IRS/AP/Benghazi: NWO appears off balance, as it looks like it is preparing to sacrifice a key asset, Obama. Good questions are being asked, like misuse of federal power. You don't want the people thinking about this too much.

It will be hard to replace so perfect a cipher, a blank slate advancing an agenda. The first Black president and therefore untouchable to liberals. But is he?

No one could have moved the ball forward on NDAA, assassination of American citizens, drones over US skies, and the Lockdown State better than Obama did, and with nary a peep from the cryptofascists at DailyKos, which even banned Gold Star mom Cindy Sheehan for criticizing Obama's war policies. So thin is the tolerance for dissent among his DNC hack and welfare mother support base that a mother who lost her son in Iraq cannot have her say.

Obama did it with a smile and gave you a warm fuzzy feeling that he was still your best friend.

Whatever the cause of the open battle within NWO, now is the time to step in. With the media actually doing some real reporting on the abuses by Obama that the well-informed have known all along - the intrusions into the Fourth Amendment, the ruthless calculation, the bloody murder - people are paying attention and thinking they may have power after all. It is a dangerous concept to put out there, which is why this changing horses in the middle of the river is tricky. You want to make it look like things are spinning out of control to provide drama. But you don't want things to start taking on lives of their own, and, well, really getting out of control.

The Boston Marathon backfired in a number of ways. No one went into fear mode after the attempted "lockdown" practice, as people in Boston and Cambridge walked the streets with their kids. The population is waking up to the idea of false flags. The Marathon is beloved. One of the first questions to pop up in a press conference with Governor Duval Patrick, by an Alex Jones reporter, was if the Marathon bombing was a false flag attack. The wonder is not that the question was asked. Nor even that it was actually aired by the media. The wonder is that no one had to ask what a "false flag" was.

Worse, the FBI left a bright, blood-red trail of incompetence at best, and most likely complicity. The M.O. is becoming familiar: lead patsies to an entrapment or step aside while the competent ones do their own thing, then act surprised when the drill goes live and call for more police powers.

Yeah, we've seen this one before. WTC 1993, Underwear Bomber, maybe the hijackers in 9/11.

More intriguing: That the big plan is to stage a crisis of great proportions for Obama by uncorking multiple scandals, as a steam valve for popular discontent with the economy. In this case, having one too many than they planned, a Mueller crisis, might have unintended consequences. The Mueller crisis lays rose petals right to the doorstep of a false flag on Obama's watch, which there is no denying and no re-spinning. Either Mueller could have stopped the Boston Marathon bombing or or he couldn't have. Unless the entire FBI is deaf, dumb, and blind, Mueller had to know. Anyone brought to the attention of the FBI by Russian intelligence would have the attention of the director himself.

World Trade Center 1993 is explained as an entrapment gone wrong by the New York Times, and by CBS News. The informant says that somehow the FBI "messed up" and real explosives were in place of the fake in the WTC garage. But everyone knows things don't just "mess up," and fairies don't replace fake powder with real in the middle of the night.

What a terrific time for the 9/11 Truth Movement to re-galvanize with a single clear demand!

What are the choices? As I see it, they are:

- Call for a new investigation, the most commonly heard demand. But we know investigative commissions are easily compromised. The past ten years of citizen investigation has built a scientific basis of evidence better than any that would come out of a commission. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth's "Experts Speak Out" film provides a stellar witness list.

- Keep doing what we are doing: spreading information and awareness. But with maybe half the population now Truther, the danger is of lost momentum and opportunity. The natives are restless, and we can hear the war drums from miles away. NWO may sense the discontent and, through clumsy false flags and political shows, is trying to re-assert control. We knew that NWO in its death throes would be a dangerous beast. It's bleeding out slowly, but that tail is still a doozy. Sandy Hook and Boston show how vicious the dying lash-outs can be. Transparently pre-formed agendas such as gun control and self-lockdown betrayed desperation to finalize the police state taking shape since 9/11, in anticipation of the coming economic chaos, in which the 1% can crackdown and finally rid itself of those not willing to accept perpetual debt poverty as the new normal.

- Go for the jugular, calling for a prosecution. The public is ready if the politicians aren't. While NWO battles over some new pecking order and allows its discord to spill into the open, is the time to hit, and hit hard.
Former New mayor Rudy Giuliani is still plenty young and represents the first step. He is lowest on the totem pole as the bag man who destroyed the steel evidence. We have the contracts for the trucking to the docks and the deepening of Pier Six. For felony destruction of evidence at a crime scene, Rudy can be threatened with ten years at least. Under the law, any county prosecutor or state's attorney can convene a grand jury and ask for an indictment, based on "extended harm" doctrine.

A call for prosecution properly indicates that the Truth Movement has won the debate and now means business. Even a mere call for prosecution makes the perps a little bit smaller, a little less untouchable. Even a call for the prosecution of Giuliani which goes nowhere will serve a greater public good, since it puts the bag men who destroy the evidence on notice. We will go after them, and no false flag can be successful without bag men to destroy evidence.

A coordinated call for the prosecution of Giuliani will score a tangible victory for 9/11, by making future generations safer.  By striking at the soft underside of the cabal, the bag men who destroy the evidence, good bag men will be that much harder to find.

But this is a brick wall, you say, no prosecutor will ever answer the call, so no prosecution will ever take place.  But a former Director of Studies at US Army War College says there is a way.  Dr. Alan Sabrosky, you may recall, is of the opinion that a combination of treasonous elements in the US government and Israeli MOSSAD orchestrated 9/11, in order to enable invasion of Iraq, a long-held Israeli Neoconservative goal.  Former Director Sabrosky says that local US military veterans posts are the key to pushing for action on 9/11, and that as a powerful lobby, politicians will find it hard to dismiss them, and local media are likely to report cover them.

Countless times I have argued friends and colleagues to a reluctant draw, where they might even agree that the official 9/11 story is fishy, and likely a false flag. Then comes "what are you going to DO? Those kind of people never pay!" Sometimes there is anger, and perhaps rightfully. Why talk about something if there is nothing you can do? Shut up and let me get back to Idol. The world sucks bad enough without me having to think about it all the time.

And they are right.

But the former president of Guatemala has just been convicted of war crimes against his own people and sentenced to 80 years, even with the old order still largely in place.  The current president of the country, Perez Molina, has been implicated in the atrocities.  This shows that no revolutionary government is needed to extract justice from a standing system.  None other than the long suffering Mayan Indians, brutalized since the Conquistadors, have blazed the trail.

It's time for a new trick from 9/11 Truth, beyond the "new investigation." The official story is impossible. A mass can only fall at virtual free-fall acceleration through zero resistance. 95,000 tons of steel joints and continuous vertical columns is not zero resistance, unless they were cut into pieces all at once as in a demolition. There is your investigation. Now who did it and why, Mr. Giuliani? Please remember you are under oath.

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