Friday, August 23, 2013

9/11 Truth Made Easy: Wrap Your Head Around One Thing

Premise, official story: a few floors at the top collapsed, starting a chain reaction in which the collapse of each additional floor made the total mass heavier, and driving it faster and faster toward the ground. This is why the towers fell at virtual free-fall acceleration (virtual as in 'very close to.') Free fall acceleration is the speed any object falls through thin air to the ground. It is 10 meters per second, per second (for every second an object is falling, it goes another 10 meters per second faster. So a baseball falling for 3 seconds attains the speed of 30 meters per second.)

Problem: Things that are heavier do not go faster than things that are lighter, discounting negligible differences in air resistance. In a vacuum, even a feather and a bowling ball would fall at the same speed. The towers "fell" at the same rate as they would have fallen through thin air. But steel, even soft steel, is thousands of times denser than air.

Therefore, mass does not accelerate as it accumulates. In fact, it can only go much slower than free-fall acceleration as it meets resistance. This is common sense and what would have happened on 9/11 if the upper floors of the towers had collapsed. The upper floors would have met the resistance of floors below them, slowed down, and stopped. The mass could not have fallen through steel at the same speed it would fall through thin air.

There are many things wrong with the official story. You've heard them all by now. Wrap your mind around this iron law of Newtonian physics, proven by Galileo, and you will see that the collapsing mass could not have gone faster as the mass got heavier. Therefore the official explanation for how the towers disappeared so quickly is false.

Congratulations. You are no longer a dumbed-down American. You know what the rest of the world which gets a science education in high school knows: that the official 9/11 story is impossible. Not suspicious. Not full of questions. But flat-out, physically IMPOSSIBLE.

By the way, the debate over whether heavy things fall faster than light things has been going on since Aristotle. Galileo settled it. Galileo also settled that the Earth goes around the sun. That's how far into the Dark Ages 9/11 has taken us.

Proof that all objects of different weights fall to the ground at the same speed;

Ball and feather race in a vacuum:

9/11 story problem: Which 15 story block will hit the ground first?


On 9/11 they both hit the ground at virtually the same time!

-If the 15 story section is falling at free fall speed ...

-All of its gravitational potential energy is converted to Kinetic Energy (movement)

-It is not available to do the work of "crushing" the building below!

-It would have to slow down in order to do any other work, i.e., "crushing 80,000 tons of structural steel below.



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